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Answering Legal delivers the highest quality 24/7 answering service for attorneys. Trusted by thousands of law firms and backed by over 300 five-star testimonials!

Founded in 2013

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Answering Legal offers top-notch 24/7 answering services for attorneys, trusted by thousands of law firms and boasting over 300 five-star testimonials.

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Founder: Robert Shatles, Alyssa Accard
CEO:Robert Shatles
Address: Nesconset, New York, USA
Phone: (631) 268-3333
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: No

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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24/7 Live Answering

The service ensures that every call to your law firm is answered by a real person, no matter the time of day, providing continuous availability to capture new clients and manage ongoing cases effectively.

Customizable Legal Intake

Answering Legal provides full legal intake services, allowing for detailed collection of caller information that is crucial for new client onboarding. Law firms can customize every question on their legal intake to ensure all necessary details are gathered.

Live Call Transferring

If a lawyer is available to take a call, the virtual receptionist at Answering Legal will announce the caller and transfer them directly, facilitating immediate communication when needed.

Message Taking

When attorneys are unavailable, the receptionists take detailed messages, ensuring that all relevant information is captured for later follow-up.

Appointment Scheduling

The service includes scheduling appointments directly on the law firm’s calendar, enhancing the organization and efficiency of managing client meetings.

Bilingual Receptionists

To accommodate a diverse clientele, Answering Legal offers bilingual answering services, ensuring that Spanish-speaking clients are fully supported.

Integrated Software Solutions

Answering Legal can integrate with a law firm's existing CRM systems, allowing for automated sorting of call information and seamless workflow automation. This integration extends to setting up custom triggers based on the firm's specific operational needs.

Top Answering Legal Use Cases

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24/7 Client Reception

Law firms utilize Answering Legal to ensure that every call is answered day or night, capturing every potential client opportunity and providing immediate responses to current clients, crucial for urgent legal matters.

Lead Capture and Client Intake

The service excels in capturing leads through detailed legal intake processes. Receptionists collect comprehensive client information during initial calls, which is essential for preparing attorneys for follow-up and case evaluation.

Appointment Scheduling

Answering Legal aids law firms by scheduling client meetings directly into attorneys' calendars. This helps in managing attorneys’ schedules more efficiently, ensuring that they can focus on their legal work without administrative distractions.

Message Taking and Call Patching

When attorneys are unavailable, Answering Legal's receptionists take detailed messages or patch calls through to attorneys when they become available, ensuring no critical information is missed.

Bilingual Support

Catering to a diverse clientele, Answering Legal offers bilingual support, ensuring that non-English speaking clients receive the same level of care and professionalism, which is particularly valuable in communities with significant Spanish-speaking populations.

Customized Call Handling

Law firms can customize how calls are handled based on their specific needs, from the greeting used by receptionists to the questions asked during legal intakes, making the service highly adaptable to different legal specializations and client management styles.

Answering Legal Reviews

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I have used the services of Answering…

I have used the services of Answering Legal for about three years now. With 24/7 service and instant notifications by text and email, I never miss a call. Both colleagues and clients have complimented me about "the nice lady who answers your phone." With no contract, their billing and charges are completely transparent. I cannot speak too highly of their services.

Kevin Babb

I LOVE Answering Legal

I LOVE Answering Legal. They get the information that I need accurately, politely and without delay. They forward calls to me and when I am available, wherever I am, I can speak with a potential client. Best of all, I know my clients appreciate the 24/7 availability!

Roseann Ivanovich

Answering Legal has been a great…

Answering Legal has been a great service provider. Calls are promptly directed to my cell and clients are easily "patched in". If I am unable to answer the call, the service sends both an email and text with all needed information. The folks answering the calls are polite and well spoken. Happy with this service!

Jeffery R. Davis of DAVIS LAW