Answering AI helps you impress your customers with a dedicated, always-available phone agent that handles calls 24/7, ensuring no call goes unanswered.


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Answering AI’s new enhanced model features a lifelike tone and prosody, designed to sound like a real phone receptionist. The AI phone receptionist can send links via text (US only) or WhatsApp, ensuring quick and efficient interactions. The technology automatically detects the caller’s language and switches immediately.

One of the major benefits of having an AI agent answering the phone for your business is that it is always available. The AI receptionist never sleeps and can handle multiple calls simultaneously, making it affordable for all businesses by saving costs while keeping the business phone always available. It delights customers by providing instant responses, ensuring an exceptional experience for every caller.

Answering AI empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs with advanced conversational AI technology, similar to that used by large enterprises. Trained with thousands of real customer service calls, the AI can predict the best information to send to callers in real-time. The natural language processing algorithm understands and speaks like a real human during phone conversations. Additionally, the AI is easily customizable, allowing businesses to provide links to frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, take messages, and more, with the AI sending the information at the right time. Contact Info

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Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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Advanced AI technology

Powered by thousands of real customer service interactions, our AI can instantly predict and deliver the most relevant information to your caller.

Lifelike interactions

Our natural language processing algorithm is designed to understand and converse like a real human during phone interactions.

Easily customizable

Provide links to frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, take messages, and more. Our AI will send it at the perfect moment.

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Customer Service Enhancement helps businesses provide instant, 24/7 customer support by answering common questions, taking messages, and directing calls. This ensures no call goes unanswered, improving customer satisfaction and engagement

Lead Capture and Qualification

The AI assistant captures caller information and qualifies leads automatically, helping businesses prioritize follow-ups and convert more leads into sales​

Appointment Scheduling can schedule appointments, send reminders, and manage booking requests efficiently. This feature is particularly useful for businesses like clinics, salons, and service providers that rely on appointment-based interactions​

Multi-Language Support

With multi-language capabilities, can cater to a diverse customer base, handling calls in various languages and ensuring effective communication regardless of the caller's language preference

Operational Efficiency

By automating routine call handling tasks, allows businesses to free up human resources for more complex tasks, thereby improving overall operational efficiency​

Integration with Existing Systems integrates seamlessly with CRM systems and other business tools, enabling smooth data flow and enhancing workflow automation​