How to add audio to your Medium stories using the

Add AI voices to your blog

The allows you to create audio files using AI Voices for your blogs, article, stories, and research papers which is compatible with Medium, WordPress, etc. You can simply paste the text or fetch it from an article URL.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create an audio version of your Medium story and embed the audio in the Medium story.

Audio will help you increase the reach of your blog at the same time also improve the rate of engagement leading to more organic growth, allows you to track the growth with our analytics to give you.

Step 1. Login to the dashboard at

Step 2. Click on the ‘Create New Audio’ button (top right).

add audio to your Medium stories

This will open up an editor.
Step 3. Now, paste the URL of your Medium story and fetch the text.

add audio to your Medium stories

Step 5. Edit it to add or remove certain things you want to include or exclude from the audio once the text has been fetched.

Step 6. Once you are satisfied with the audio and ready to create the audio. Press click the ‘Convert’ button to create the audio of your story.

add audio to your Medium stories

Once the audio file is generated, click on its ‘Embed’ button.

add audio to your Medium stories

Step 7. You will now see options to embed this audio. Look for the option that says – Embed on Medium and copy the URL.

Embed the code

Step 8. Now simply go to your Medium story, paste the URL that you copied, and press Enter.

That is how simple the process is to convert your blog to an Audio or make a Podcast of the same. Log in today on out App an make your blog more Engaging and grow exponentially. See you on the other side of course on the app ;-).