Month: July 2020


Have AI Voices for your Articles & Blogs in your Prefered Languages & voices

“Don’t waste customers’ time asking them questions unless you are prepared to act on what they say.”  Bruce Temkin And one thing is determined to work on is customer feedback and review. Ever since our inception, we are focused on incorporating as many options and choices of Languages and Voices as we can to […]

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AI Voices the future of voice over audio

AI Voices – The Future Of Voiceover Audio

From the time Steve Jobs first unveiled the Macintosh that introduced itself with Text-to-Speech in 1984 to Google showcasing their voice assistant booking an appointment over a phone call during Google’s IO 2018, Voice technology, in particular, the speech synthesis technology has evolved with an unimaginable degree of realism that many tech giants believe AI […]

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How to's

How to post a podcast on iTunes

Posting a podcast on iTunes is very straightforward. All you need to do is create an iTunes account, fill your podcast profile form and submit your RSS feed. Here the exact steps in detail – Create an Apple iTunes account or if you already have one, just log in to Apple iTunes Connect. Once you […]

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Amazon Polly VS Google Wavenet Text to Speech

In this post, we talk about and compare Text to Speech voices from the two forerunners. The leading providers of synthetic voices – Amazon and Google. Also, understand how one can get started using these voices for creating audio. Text to speech is a technology that allows computers to speak. You write text and the […]

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