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Play provides you tools and plugins to convert your articles into podcasts.
It uses the most advanced and natural sounding computer voices to help you engage and grow your subscribers.
Easy set-up. Free 14 day trial. Cancel at any time.
Meet Our Products
Home Page Player
Makes every article on your homepage playable. Engage and turn visitors into subscribers.
Embedded Audio Player
Automatically gets added to all your articles. Narrates the article to your users.
Hosted Podcasts
Dedicated page to publish and host all your articles as podcasts.
Wordpress and Medium Integrations
Easily convert all your Wordpress and Medium articles to audio with PLAY’s Wordpress Plugin and Medium’s native integration.
Live Examples
Try Our Voices (18 Languages, 30 accents)
Michael (en-US)
Samantha (en-US)
Lisa (en-US)
Kate (en-UK)
Joey (en-US)
Joanna (en-US)
Salli (en-US)
Brian (en-UK)
Emma (en-UK)
Amy (en-UK)
Raveena (en-India)
Geraint (en-Welsh)
Nicole (en-Australian)
Russell (en-Australian)
Birgit (de-German)
Dieter (de-German)
Hans (de-German)
Marlene (de-German)
Vicki (de-German)
Renee (fr-French)
Celine (fr-French)
Mathieu (fr-French)
Isabela (pt-Brazilian Portuguese)
Ricardo (pt-Brazilian Portuguese)
Vitoria (pt-Brazilian Portuguese)
Cristiano (pt-European Portuguese)
Ines (pt-European Portuguese)
Maxim (ru-Russian)
Tatyana (ru-Russian)
Celine (fr-French)
Easy set-up. Free 14 day trial. Cancel at any time.